drug crimes, crimes with drugs

Guide to Drug Crimes

Drug use is a major issue currently facing society. Continued use of controlled substances can lead to mental and physical health issues. Aside from the personal ramifications, drug use and…

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Drug Laws in the U.S.

Drug Laws Drug laws have been the topic of much debate in the past ten years. All states have laws against possessing, manufacturing, and selling controlled substances. Prohibited substances range…

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heroin, what is heroin, heroin use, heroin addiction, heroin abuse


What Is Heroin? An opioid that is made from morphine, heroin can be smoked, injected, or smoked. It is a natural substance that is taken from poppy plant seed pods…

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What Is Meth? A stimulant that usually comes in pill form or as a white powder that tastes bitter, methamphetamine is highly addictive. Crystal meth is one form of the…

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crack, crack cocaine, smoking crack, signs of crack use, crack addiction, crack abuse


What Is Crack? Crack, which is crack cocaine, is a free-base cocaine form that can be smoked. Those who smoke it get an intense, but short high. According to the…

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