Addiction Resources

Addiction Resources

At My Addiction Info our goal isn’t just to provide information about rehab and addiction treatment centers. Our goal is to provide a full range of information and resources for people who are currently in the midst of their addiction, are seeking treatment or are in recovery. We also work to provide resources for the people who love someone with an addiction, and anyone who’s interested in learning more about health, wellness, and holistic treatments for various mental and physical health conditions.

Books About Addiction (Reviews, Guides and Information)

Often, reading books about addiction can help you learn more about what this disease is, and how it affects the mind, body and life of a person. Books about addiction can help you explore everything from receiving treatment to dealing with stresses while you’re in recovery.

We provide book reviews and other resources that might make a difference in your life, whether you personally have an addiction or your loved one does.

Product Reviews

Certain products may be helpful if you’re struggling with addiction, mental health issues, or you just want to live your best possible life. These products might include herbal and natural supplements, health and wellness products or other related items. We provide independent reviews of different products, and we invite you to submit your own ideas for product reviews.

News and Updates

Check back with My Addiction Info frequently. We provide some of the most comprehensive news stories relating to drugs, substance abuse, mental health and similar topics. We also invite our readers to submit stories they find interesting, and share their thoughts an opinions on our site, social media and through our message board.