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Is There a 12-Step Program for Food Addiction?

Food addiction is something that is debated in the medical world, but for the most part, we do believe there are changes in the brain that are seen with food…

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How to Stop Sugar Cravings with Nutritional Supplements

Is sugar addiction a real thing? Some nutritional and medical experts would say yes, and even for someone who doesn’t necessarily show symptoms of sugar addiction, they may struggle with…

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is sugar a drug, sugar addiction, is sugar addictive

Is Sugar a Drug?

There is controversy when it comes to determining what is characterized as an addiction versus what isn’t. For example, is food addiction real? Many experts say yes, even though it’s…

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how to overcome food addiction, overcome food addiction, stop food addiction, food addiction

How to Overcome Food Addiction (and 5 Books That Can Help)

An Overview: Learning How to Overcome Food Addiction Learning how to overcome food addiction can be as challenging as working through other addictions such as to drugs like cocaine and…

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Is food addiction real, symptoms of food addiction, treating food addiction

Is Food Addiction Real?

Is Food Addiction a Real Diagnosis? Not all addiction involve drugs and alcohol. Many addictions are behavioral, and food addiction can fall into that category. People often wonder is food…

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