health benefits of milk thistle, what is milk thistle, benefits of milk thistle

Health Benefits of Milk Thistle: Do They Exist?

What Are the Health Benefits of Milk Thistle? There are so many herbal and natural supplements on the market that it can be difficult to know which ones might be…

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why is addiction a disease, addiction as a disease

Is Drug Addiction a Disease?

Why Is Drug Addiction a Disease and Not a Choice? Is drug addiction a disease or a choice? This is a question you frequently hear and it’s often debated. The…

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effects of drug addiction

5 Things to Know About the Effects of Drug Addiction

The Effects of Drug Addiction Drug addiction is a chronic disorder that can deteriorate a person’s life by compelling them to take drugs excessively and without self-control, despite the negative…

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is addiction a disability

Is Addiction A Disability?

What to Know—Is Addiction a Disability? One of the most common questions people have is “is addiction a disability.” There are a few reasons someone might want to know whether…

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alcohol addiction treatment

Alcohol Addiction Treatment: A Way To a Better Life

No Shame in Getting Alcohol Addiction Treatment Alcohol addiction is a real disease; it changes the neurochemistry of the brain causing a problem in controlling one’s own actions. Shaming addicts…

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alcohol withdrawal facts

4 Alcohol Withdrawal Facts You Didn’t Know

Surprising Alcohol Withdrawal Facts Understanding alcohol withdrawal facts is important because withdrawal from alcohol can be dangerous or even deadly. A drug is any kind of substance that once consumed…

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effects of alcohol, alcohol effects, short-term effects of alcohol, long-term effects of alcohol

The Effects of Alcohol on the Body

Immedidate Effects of Alcohol When you drink alcohol, it has more effects on the body that you might initially realize. From the second that you consume the first sip, alcohol…

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vitamin deficiency, alcohol and nutrition, alcohol effects, effects of alcohol on health, alcohol and B12

Alcohol and Vitamin Deficiency

Drinking Alcoholic Beverages Depletes Your Vitamins There are several risks involved when you consume alcohol. Your body can be affected on many levels from drinking alcoholic beverages. If you are…

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depression and alcohol, drinking when you're depressed, does alcohol make depression worse

Alcohol and Depression: How Are They Associated?

Can Alcohol Worsen Depression Symptoms? If you are depressed, you might be more tempted to drink. Alcohol consumption is common today. Many people think a drink might help them through…

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drinking alcohol if you have diabetes

Alcohol and Diabetes: Can You Drink If You Have Diabetes?

How Drinking Alcohol Affects Diabetes If you have diabetes, you must use extra care when consuming alcohol. Alcohol can make many of the complications suffered because of the condition worse….

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