effects of alcohol, alcohol effects, short-term effects of alcohol, long-term effects of alcohol

The Effects of Alcohol on the Body

Immedidate Effects of Alcohol When you drink alcohol, it has more effects on the body that you might initially realize. From the second that you consume the first sip, alcohol…

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vitamin deficiency, alcohol and nutrition, alcohol effects, effects of alcohol on health, alcohol and B12

Alcohol and Vitamin Deficiency

Drinking Alcoholic Beverages Depletes Your Vitamins There are several risks involved when you consume alcohol. Your body can be affected on many levels from drinking alcoholic beverages. If you are…

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binge drinking statistics and facts

Binge Drinking: Statistics and Effects

¬†What Is Binge Drinking? Binge drinking is becoming a growing problem across the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). It is a serious public…

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