fentanyl lollipop

What is a Fentanyl Lollipop?

Fentanyl is one of the deadliest opioids, and one way that it’s prescribed is as the so-called “fentanyl lollipop.” Learn more about fentanyl, fentanyl dosages and other important facts about…

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tramadol addiction, tramadol abuse, opioid abuse, opioid overdose

Tramadol Addiction: Signs, Symptoms, and Effects

The opioid epidemic continues to rage on in the U.S., and a huge part of the epidemic stems from prescription drug abuse. One such prescription drug of abuse is tramadol….

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effects of opioid overdose

4 Facts About the Effects of An Opioid Overdose

What Are The Effects of An Opioid Overdose? As the opioid epidemic continues its path of destruction in America with no signs of slowing down, it is very important that…

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what is vicodin

Vicodin Risks and Effects

What is Vicodin? What is Vicodin? With the ongoing opioid epidemic, this is a question many people have. Vicodin is a brand name for a drug called hydrocodone. Vicodin contains hydrocodone…

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