what is gabapentin, gabapentin high, gabapentin abuse, gabapentin side effects

What Is Gabapentin and What’s It Used For?

Gabapentin is a prescription drug that’s garnering a lot of attention right now because of its abuse potential. Gabapentin isn’t a new drug, but it’s increasingly being seen in drug…

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wisdom teeth surgery

Young People Are Now At Risk of Opioid Addiction After Having Wisdom Teeth Surgery

Wisdom Teeth Surgery and Opioid Addiction Millions of Americans go through dental surgery to have their wisdom teeth removed every single year. Generally speaking, these patients ages range anywhere from…

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effects of opioid overdose

4 Facts About the Effects of An Opioid Overdose

What Are The Effects of An Opioid Overdose? As the opioid epidemic continues its path of destruction in America with no signs of slowing down, it is very important that…

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drug laws in the U.S.

Drug Laws in the U.S.

An Overview of Drug Laws in the U.S. Drug laws in the U.S. have been the topic of much debate in the past ten years. All states have laws against…

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prescription drugs, opioids, benzodiazepines, prescription drug addiction

Prescription Drug Addiction: What Are the Causes?

The Facts About Prescription Drug Addiction When thinking of people addicted to drugs, most assume that they are addicted to illegal street drugs. However, this is increasingly becoming untrue. Instead,…

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