Drug Laws in the U.S.

Drug Laws Drug laws have been the topic of much debate in the past ten years. All states have laws against possessing, manufacturing, and selling controlled substances. Prohibited substances range…

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relapse triggers, what is a relapse

Avoiding Relapse

How to Avoid a Relapse Conquering addiction is an admirable triumph that should never be dismissed. Yet, many make the oversight of thinking that their initial conquest of the disease…

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how to have an intervention, what is an intervention

What is an Intervention?

Addiction is a deadly disease that affects more than the afflicted person. Friends and family members must deal with the trials and tribulations associated with addiction, such as lies, deceit,…

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alcoholism, alcohol use disorder, alcohol abuse


Alcohol consumption is commonplace. It can be used as a beverage with dinner, to relax, to socialize, or to celebrate. However, alcohol has been known to have strong effects on…

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addiction treatment

An Overview of Addiction Treatment

Can Addiction be Treated? Addiction is not a choice; it is a horrible disease that ruins lives of not just the addicted, but those around them. Anybody who has experience…

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heroin, what is heroin, heroin use, heroin addiction, heroin abuse


What Is Heroin? An opioid that is made from morphine, heroin can be smoked, injected, or smoked. It is a natural substance that is taken from poppy plant seed pods…

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cocaine, using cocaine, cocaine abuse, illegal drugs, stimulant drugs, cocaine overdose, cocaine addiction


What Is Cocaine? An illegal substance, cocaine is a strong stimulant that is popular for recreational use. A powder made from the coco plant that is native to South America,…

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what is ketamine


What Is Ketamine? Ketamine is used to sedate critically ill patients in intensive care or it can be used as anesthesia for patients undergoing surgery. It has also been studied…

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lortab drug, hydrocodoone, what is lortab


What Is Lortab? Lortab is a narcotic that is used to treat pain. A commonly prescribed painkiller, Lortab is a brand name for a drug that contains acetaminophen and hydrocodone…

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vicodin, vicodin abuse, prescription opioids, opioid abuse, prescription drugs


What is Vicodin? Vicodin is a brand name for a drug called hydrocodone. Vicodin contains hydrocodone bitartrate and acetaminophen. There are three forms of Vicodin that are offered. They are…

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