An Overview of Addiction Treatment

addiction treatment

Can Addiction be Treated?

Addiction is not a choice; it is a horrible disease that ruins lives of not just the addicted, but those around them. Anybody who has experience addiction in their lives knows just how difficult it can be. It can cause financial ruin, damage work relationships, and even lead to death.

Many sufferers of addiction want to get better. Fortunately, addiction can be treated with the proper time and commitment. No, there is not one surefire cure for addiction. Since addiction is a chronic disease, curing it requires a combination of many approaches.

A successful addiction treatment must result in a few things. First and foremost, addiction treatment must result in stopping the abuse of drugs. Next, the treated person must remain free from use after initial treatment is over. The last sign for successful drug treatment is the person returning to a functioning role in society.

There are many approaches to addiction treatment. However, based on extensive research, there are a few key concepts that all addiction treatments must adhere to.

Addiction Treatment Must be Varied

Since addiction is such a complicated disease, there is not a keystone approach to treatment. It is vital to remember that an addict can still be treated if a particular treatment fails them. However, two elements are usually present in addiction treatments.

  • Behavioral: Treatment that is supplemented by counseling, therapy, and other forms of cognitive and behavioral treatments.
  • Medicinal: Even though addicts were addicted to drugs, implementing medicinal use of drugs can be essential to a successful treatment
  • With behavioral and medicinal approaches at its base, treatment must be constantly modified to ensure success.

Addiction Treatment Must Be Easily Accessible

Since addiction is so deadly, treatment options must be easily accessible to be effective. Those in the throes of addiction have unpredictable behavior caused by their disease. At any moment, they could hit rock bottom or have a moment of clarity.

Treatment options must be ready to capitalize on these moments to increase the likelihood of success.

Addiction Treatment Must Be Followed to Completion

One of the key elements to treating addiction is commitment. Treatment options, whether behavioral or medicinal or both, must be followed to completion. Some view treatment as nothing more than a detox. However, detoxification is traditionally the first step in the treatment process.

As treatment progresses, underlying elements of addiction must be addressed. Things like a patient’s family relationships, self-esteem, and future goals must be identified and nurtured.

If a person in treatment has other illnesses, they too must be addressed. Addressing these issues is vital for continued success.

Popular Treatment Methods

After becoming familiar with the key principles of treatments, it is important to learn about specific treatment options. Popular treatment methods are as followed:


Counseling helps those recovering from addiction improve their outlook on life and drug abuse. By identifying and working through negative behaviors, former suffers can take steps to avoid the destructive behavior patterns that lead them to their disease.


Medications can be used effectively to cure addiction. The most vital use of medicine in treatment involved administering drugs to help with the withdrawal process. The severity of withdrawal is a big cause of addictions continuing.

The second use of medicine in treatment is to prevent a relapse. For example, a drug like methadone can be successful. However, its use is somewhat controversial. Many times people who are prescribed methadone become dependent on it. Even so, sometimes, continued drug use in a controlled, non-euphoric administering of drugs is necessary to treat addiction.

Follow-up Programs

Follow-up programs to treat addictions are an important part of recovery. After a former addict leaves an initial treatment, their chances for relapse greatly increase. Regular, long-term follow-up counseling can do wonders in keeping a person well-adjusted and free of drug use.


Addiction is a complicated,  challenging disease to overcome. However, recovering from addiction is not impossible. Treatments are available and successful.  A few key principles of treatment must be kept in mind. Addiction treatment must be varied, easily accessible and followed to completion.

Being familiar with popular treatment methods is essential to successfully treating addiction. Popular programs include counseling for behavioral improvement, administering medicine, and implementing long-term follow-up programs.

Treatment of addiction will never be easy. The disease can affect everyone differently, making the disease very difficult to treat. However, knowing the principles of treatment, along with popular methods of treatment, is a good first step to treating addiction.

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