3 Dangerous Mistakes You Might be Making with Essential Oils

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Are You Making These Dangerous Mistakes with Essential Oils?

In this day and age, people have become aware of the potential dangers that come along with using chemical laden products, and are opting for natural products instead when it comes to treating the symptoms of anxiety. There can be risks and mistakes with essential oils, however.

Essential Oils Have Benefits But Also Risks

In light of this trend, chances are that you or someone that you know uses essential oils as a part of their coping routine. With their wide variety of uses and applications, it can be easy to get carried away without taking the proper precautions. After all, they’re natural, so they must be safe right? Yes….but only if you take the proper safety measures.

Are you ingesting essential oils? If so, you should stop.

Each year thousands of essential oil poisonings are reported. With the rising popularity, it is estimated that the number of major poisonings will continue to rise each year. There are many essential oils that companies market as being beneficial to consume.

Some companies even go as far as to sell these oils along with capsules for ease of consumption. All those capsules really do is bypass your body’s natural defense system, the burning sensation in your mouth and throat that might make you sit back and think twice about the safety of ingestion.
You might be thinking that if you dilute a drop in a glass of water, that it’s watered down enough to be safe to consume…..wrong. Essential oils and water do not mix, the oil does not effectively emulsify with the water, which means that the oil essentially reaches the esophagus and stomach undiluted.

The only time the consumption of essential oils should ever be considered is under the care of an aromatherapist (not a sales consultant) trained in the proper dilution and safety measures. When it comes to working with anxiety and relieving stress, there is no need to even be considering consuming essential oils.

Are you applying them directly to your skin?

It takes 50 roses to produce a single drop of rose essential oil. Essential oils are so concentrated that they can do some serious damage to your skin if you aren’t careful. Although you might be tempted to apply your favorite anxiety reducing oil right on to your skin, you should really think twice!

Essential oils should always be diluted with a carrier oil before being applied to the skin. People often end up with burns, irritation, and unpleasant sensitivity that could easily have been avoided if the oils had been properly diluted before applying. Plus, you’ll be doing your bank account a favor. That drop of oil will not only be safer but will go a lot further when properly diluted!

Are you diffusing essential oils around your pets?

Since essential oils work so well to promote a sense of calm in humans, many pet owners think that they are doing their pets a favor by diffusing essential oils in the air around their furry friends.

However, many animals lack the liver enzyme glucuronyl tranferase, which is important for the safe metabolization of many essential oils. If you have been noticing strange symptoms such as unsteadiness, dizziness, lethargy, or low body temperature, your pet may be suffering from toxicity.

There are some essential oils that are safe and can promote a sense of calm in your pets, but it is important to make sure that you are thoroughly researching which oils are and are not safe for your animals.

If you notice that your pet has been acting strangely after being exposed to essential oils, make sure that you are getting them to their veterinarian to be checked out.

By Keeping the Above Information in Mind

You can ensure that you are being safe about the way in which you use essential oils. Essential oils are an incredibly potent and powerful tool, that when treated with respect can help tremendously with reducing stress, boosting mood, and conquering anxiety!

If you ever run into any questions or safety concerns in regards to the way that you are using essential oils make sure that you are consulting with a licensed aromatherapist. While the people that sell essential oils know the basics, you should only be trusting your safety to those who are licensed and have verified training.

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