Does Humana Cover the Cost of Addiction Treatment?

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Humana Insurance Overview

As one of the country’s largest health insurance companies, Humana insures millions of people across the United States. Many people don’t know the specifics of what their health insurance policy covers, so they might be hesitant about seeking the treatment that they need for their condition.

With the help of Humana-covered drug rehab, you can break the addiction cycle and overcome your substance abuse problem. The kind of Humana plan that you have affects how much of your care is covered. Humana has a vast network of providers that are in network or approved by the company to provide care for its insured.

Before you get started in any substance abuse treatment plan, you should call Humana and speak with a representative, so you can learn the specifics of your insurance coverage.

The rehab facility that you choose, or your substance abuse healthcare provider might be willing to call your insurance company and get all the specific information for you. Of course, where you are located will also impact your insurance plan and where you can get treatment.

Getting Substance Abuse Treatment

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, only about 10% of Americans ages 12 and older who needed substance abuse treatment got the care that they needed in 2013.

Many of those who didn’t get the care that they needed said that they were unable to afford the care that they needed or didn’t have adequate health insurance to cover the costs of rehab.

The Affordable Care Act and the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equality Act of 2008 made substance abuse care and treatment for mental health issues like other medical services, such as surgical procedures so care could be made available to more people.

Different Kinds of Medical Insurance Coverage

There are different kinds of medical coverage offered by Humana. The most common health insurance plans are preferred provider organizations (PPO) or health maintenance organizations (HMO).

The most flexible plans are PPOs, which let patients seek care without getting a referral regardless of whether they choose in-network or out-of-network providers. An HMO requires the designation of a specific primary care provider (PCP) and you can only see providers in-network and have it covered by insurance.

Usually, HMO plans have much lower monthly insurance premiums than PPOs. But, if you seek treatment from a provider that is not in the network while insured by a PPO plan, you are going to have higher expenses out-of-pocket. Plans and coverage differ where you live and can differ significantly depending on the state.

Humana provides coverage to residents of several states, including many states in the South and across the Midwest. Humana offers both individual medical plans, which are purchased by the individual for himself or herself and their family, or group plans, which are made available to employees by their place of employment.

Employers might pay a portion or all the monthly premiums or deduct the employee’s share of the cost from their paychecks. There are several different group plans made available through Humana, including PPOs, HMOs, Humana Classic, Point of Service (POS), High-Deductible Health Plan, and Coverage First. The Humana website details all the specifics about the different plans and what each plan covers.

Using Humana Insurance for Substance Abuse Treatment and Rehab

When you are searching for a facility for substance abuse treatment, you need to make sure your specific Humana policy covers the specific services you are seeking. The substance abuse treatment facility should have professionals on board to help you understand the specifics about your insurance policy and if your policy will cover your rehab.

Humana does offer special coverage for substance abuse and behavioral health treatment as a rider if it isn’t covered in your plan. You usually go to your PCP who will refer you to a specialist to handle your substance abuse treatment. The treatment provider might contract with Humana to provide services to you.

There are more than five million people covered by Humana’s Behavioral Health plans. To find a provider or rehab that is covered by your Humana policy, you can call the number on the back of your insurance card and inquire about your coverage or go online to the Humana site and use the tool for looking up providers.

Odds are at least some of your treatment will be covered by your plan, but you will have to call your insurance company and talk with the rehab center to find out how much you will be paying out-of-pocket.

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