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The Top 5 Rehab Centers in Florida

The road to addiction recovery can be difficult. People that suffer from addiction generally know that the condition is bad for them. But taking the steps towards recovery isn’t as simple as recognition of the addiction. There is a lot more to it, which is why most end up relapsing.

There is an actual science behind recovery from addiction and when applied, it makes the process more efficient. Recovery is never an easy process, however, you can ensure that you don’t relapse after successfully ridding yourself of the addiction. That is why it is recommended that you seek professional help. Rehabilitation centers are known to help patients not only recover from addiction but stay sober post-treatment.

Florida is a state that continues to see a rise in deaths related to substance overdose.  Which is why you can find a rehab center for any and every type of addiction in Florida with both inpatient and outpatient treatments. Selecting the right rehab center can be tasking. There are hundreds to choose from which can make the process lengthy. To ease the process, we have selected the top 5 rehab centers keeping program, facility, and experience in mind.

Harbor Village

Location: Miami, FL

Harbor Village specializes in dual diagnosis of addiction. Not only does the facility help patients get rid of addiction but also pinpoints the underlying condition that either cause or fuel the addiction. They work with the patient to get a full mental and physical profile to pinpoint whether the reason behind addiction is due to mental, physical causes or both.

The center has a team of professional, experienced psychiatrists to diagnose and treat addiction efficiently. The treatments at the center are holistic featuring meditation and yoga. They employ various different therapies from cognitive behavior to trauma and associative awareness, to make sure that patients don’t fall back to addiction but of another kind such as gambling or shopping.

You have the option of opting for shared or your individual room at the facility. Harbor Village accepts insurance from some companies or you can decide to pay on your own.

Tranquil Shores

Location: Madeira Beach, FL

Tranquil Shores is another rehab center that treats both addiction and the underlying cause of it. They have a team of psychiatrists along with a licensed clinical team. This ensures that the patient is surrounded by professionals that can take care of them during their healing process. Their focus is on the holistic treatment of the patients.

The treatments focus on patients realization of the addiction and develop an understanding of it. This leads them to be more in control of it while developing a more healthy lifestyle. To give more attention to each patient during the recovery process, they ensure to keep a 4:1 patient to counselor ratio.

The rehab center focuses mostly on residential programs and has limited outpatient services. In terms of payment, the center does accept some insurance plans but doesn’t offer any financing options.

1st Step Behavioral Health

Location: Pompano Beach, FL

1st Step Behavioral Health has one of the most extensive rehab programs in Florida. They take an individualized approach to each patient, keeping in mind that the trigger for addiction is different for each patient. This helps them develop a better understanding while developing a proper treatment.

One way that this facility stands out compared to others is their comprehensive detox program. Most rehab centers expect patients to detox at the hospital. It also has a family program that integrates the whole family to aid the process of recovery providing the patient with support during the process.

The rehab center goes one step further than just helping patients recover. It also provides support for them to find jobs, housing, and training post-treatment. To make the center more accessible it accepts most insurance plans and also has financing options.

Holistic Recovery Centers

Location: Miami, FL

The name of the rehab center says it all, Holistic Recover Center provides holistic therapy treatments to their patients. They take a “whole-person” approach to their treatments, tapping into the patient’s reason behind addiction allowing them to recover from it with the help of numerous different types of therapy.

It is one of the few centers in Florida that utilizes therapies such as art, horse, and music therapy. Making it well suited for those that have a more creative side and prefer such therapies to clinical approaches.

You will find both inpatient and outpatient treatments at Holistic Recovery Centers. The center accepts most insurance plans and provides a financing option for those that opt to pay on their own.

United Recovery Project

Location: Hollywood, FL

United Recovery Project prides itself on providing patients equitable care that ensures they rid themselves of their dependence on substances. They have an open and secure environment for patients offering different forms of treatment.

The rehab center also focuses on both the addiction and the underlying cause of it so both can be tackled at the same time. The two types of treatments that stand out at United Recovery Project is animal therapy and the unhealthy eating disturbance treatment.

The first of which help patients get out of their shell while providing them with a support and love of an animal. The latter which helps the patient develop a more healthy lifestyle.

Payment at the rehab center is fairly simple as it offers financing options while also accepting most insurance plans.

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