The Lumme App: Helping Stop Addiction Through Technology

Lumme app for addiction

How an App and a Smartwatch can Help Stop Addiction

It’s no secret that we’re now living in a constant state of technological revolution. The technological advances we make in America on a weekly and monthly basis is nothing short of astounding. One field that benefits heavily from the increasing technological advances made is the medical field. As more powerful technologies become available for use to the public, those gifted in the field have designed new ways to combat all sorts of medical issues, one such issue being drug addiction. We are living in an age where “the future is now” could not be truer.  People who struggle with addiction are now benefitting from technology in the form of apps and other tools. One such tool is Lumme.

What Is Lumme?

A technological company by the name of Lumme Labs has developed an algorithmic app that can learn to predict when an individual would reach to grab a smoke or drink.

Any smartwatch that the Lumme app works with measures hand gestures to tell when a person is already smoking or drinking.

Coupled with this data and detection ability, the Lumme app can send intervention and deterrent messages to your phone encouraging you to put down whatever your poison of choice is. After a while, through careful and calculated monitoring the app and smartwatch will be to detect your urge for a cigarette or drink before you can.

Lumme Labs also provide their own device to those without access to a smartwatch. Once you have everything you need and have it set up, the app is mostly autonomous to start the program. There’s no need to keep track of or log anything within the app; it takes care of it for you.

It keeps track of much more helpful things that aid in breaking the habit that you ordinarily wouldn’t. This includes things like the number of cigarettes smoked, time between smokes, locations smoked at, and money saved by not smoking as you previously did.

Lumme app
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What Else to Know About Lumme?

This technology could be applied to help much more than cigarette smoking and alcoholism.

Another avenue of health it can assist in is a general diet. Suppose you were trying to stick to a weight loss diet that called for lower calorie intake — going to reach for that bag of chips? Intervention message.

As far as drugs, Lumme can also help with addictions such as prescription opioids. Through the same means the system monitors and prevents smoking, it can prevent pill popping. Taking the path of prevention versus the path of treatment of addiction after the fact could save lives and billions of dollars spent on treatment and other programs to people with substance abuse disorders.

Lumme and Opioid Abuse

With this kind of technology at hand, we would have a solid method of prevention against opioid addiction, one of America’s most terrible disorders to suffer from. Aside from the risk of death by overdose, opioids have various ways causing harm to you individually, your family, and the country as a collective.

Ease of Use

Part of the reason that this technology is so effective with such a high success rate is large in part because of its ease of use. It’s low maintenance and so easily integrated into your everyday life.

It’s a very low-risk high reward program that can be adapted to serve a large number of purposes related to drug addiction and abuse. Addiction is a habit gone completely out of control that damages you and the people around you.

Habits are unconscious programs we run in our mind that manifest themselves as automated action. With the proper stimulus at the right time and we enough information, addictions can be broken through intervention.

Lumme app for addiction, apps to help with addiction
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In Conclusion

Lumme Labs and their supports are well on the way to providing a method of drug addiction prevention and curbing that would an extraordinary difference for the better. If you or anyone you know has an addiction, they would like to end the Lumme Lab app and their device is definitely worth giving a shot.

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