Preparing For Your Loved One to Leave Rehab

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How Do You Prepare For Your Loved One to Leave Rehab?

If you have a child or another loved one who is preparing to successfully complete a drug rehabilitation program, it may be a very happy time for the family. It is hard enough to admit addiction and seek help in the first place, and the fact that a “graduation” of sorts is about to happen makes it even better.

However, this may also be an anxious time for you, because you may be wondering what the next step is in terms of living arrangements that are healthy, proactive, and recovery-based for your child.

Sober-Living Home

A sober-living home is a house with several recovering addicts. The residents have completed a drug addiction program and live together in sobriety. There are many sober-living homes, and many of them have a reasonable rate for rent and utilities. Sober-living homes may be referred to as “halfway houses”, transitional housing, or Oxford Homes.

The thing about a sober-living home is that there are stipulations. Many of them have more structured environments, curfews, house meetings, and specific rules of sobriety to follow. For some recovering addicts it is nice to have some freedom to live and work while hanging out with roommates they have a lot in common with.

At Home with Family

Having your loved one come home and live is another option, but not without boundaries and a lot of tough love! It is important to understand that after being in rehab for a while that it may take time for your child to acclimate back into a home environment with less structure than a facility.

So, setting clear limits from the start is important. The boundaries will depend on what will work for your family structure and dynamics, and over time you can begin to allow your young adult who is living with you have more privileges. Once again, this totally is up to you and your family situation.

For example, my son has strict boundaries. In order to live with us, he must stay clean and sober and is only allowed to go to work and come home. If he wants to spend time with friends, they can come over to our house or he can go there, as long as he is home at a specific time.

In An Apartment

Some recovering addicts would prefer to get their own apartment with or without a roommate. This is another great option, especially if they have a job and are able to pay their bills. You may choose to help out for a bit, but living in an apartment has costs and other items your child may need, such as furniture and household items. Having your child go right into independent living can work if counseling and meetings are attended on a regular basis. Extending this crucial treatment can ensure a successful and long-term recovery while helping them deal with the typical stress that life can bring.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment is a step between rehab and solely living in a home or apartment. Outpatient treatment is comprised on consistent therapy during the day, and then going home at night. Outpatient treatment not only involves intensive counseling and support, but also gives the addict in recovery more of a “safety net”, especially if they are not ready to totally do life on their own.

The wonderful thing about drug rehabilitation centers is that they work with you and let you know all of the options, as well as recommending specific options, for your loved one when the time comes for taking that next step in life. Typically, upon release, you will have a meeting with your child’s rehab counselor about the next steps in recovery. So, you will feel supported as well during this new and exciting journey with the one you love the most.

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