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Top 5 Rehab Centers in Texas

Substance addiction is a problem that continues to trend upward in Texas. SAMHSA conducted a survey in the state which revealed that approximately 89,000 people, aged 12 and above, sought treatment for alcohol use each year from 2010-2014.

To put that into perspective, that was about 6.5% of the Texas population in that age bracket. The figures would be much higher if other types of addictions were also accounted for. Which clearly shows a need for rehabilitation centers in the state.

You can find different types of rehab centers in Texas some that focus on a specific addiction while others may offer unorthodox but effective treatments.

Rehab centers in the state have rigorous methods of treatment that curb addiction and reduce the risk of relapse. You will find that age and gender is not a factor in these centers, as they tend to cater for all.

The saying, “Everything is bigger in Texas” definitely applies when it comes to rehab centers. You will find that the state has some of the biggest centers situated on acres of land that provide state-of-the-art facilities to its patients.

Whether you are from Texas or not and looking for a rehab center in the state, we have picked the top 5 rehab centers in Texas for you to choose from. These centers are professional and experienced with a team that will have you well on your way to being sober.

Right Step

Location: 15 locations in 3 regions of TX

Right Step has over 15 different locations in Texas that cater to three major regions, Dallas-Fort Worth, the Houston Area, and Austin/San Antonio region. The center covers all the steps to recovery from detoxification, alcohol dependency treatment, to inpatient and outpatient treatments. It has one of the most extensive aftercare programs that span up to 1 year, which drastically reduces the chances of relapse. Treatment is individualized for each patient as they have an option to choose between inpatient and outpatient treatments.

Payment coverage for the facility shouldn’t be a problem as they accept most insurance plans. You can view which plans they accept on their website.

Sunspire Health/ Serenity View

Location: Princeton, TX

Sunspire Health has a branch in Texas known as Serenity View. The rehab center focuses on substance and sex-related addiction. They offer different types of treatment for patients ranging from detox to residential treatments. It ranks highly in Texas for its rehab programs as it has a team of highly skilled counselor that have years of experience in the field. They also use various different methods for treatment including family and group therapy along with discrete programs for each individual. Patients also have the option to design their own aftercare program giving them control over how they want to continue treatment after recovery.

Patients have the option of paying on their own or through insurance plans as they center accepts most insurance companies.

Cenikor Foundation

Location: 12 locations

Cenikor Foundation has a network of 12 locations in Texas from Fort Worth down to Austin. It is also one of the oldest rehab centers in the state having been established over 50 years ago. It is well known to provide comprehensive programs for patients facing any type of substance addiction. Patients have an option to choose from various programs including detoxification, inpatient rehab, longer-term residential program, and sober living programs. Their programs make use of group and individual therapy techniques along with lots of recreational activities to combat addiction.

Cenikor Foundation believes in accessibility, which is why it accepts Medicaid and most insurance plans. It also claims to charge patients a fraction of the actual treatment cost when compared with other centers in Texas.

The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center

Location: Fort Worth, Dallas, and Austin, TX

If you are having trouble funding for a rehab center in Texas, then The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center is a great choice. It is a state-funded facility that provides treatment to veterans, the homeless, and anyone that require medical assistance to combat addiction. In fact, the center welcomes everyone with or without insurance coverage. The rehab center has three different locations in TX, one for homeless women, one for homeless men, and the third for adult men.

The programs in the facility are rather extensive. They include proper health nourishing, recreational activities, individual and group counseling, educational workshops, amongst others. The aim of the program is to help individuals focus on their lives while also getting rid of the addiction.

The Treehouse

Location: Dallas, TX

How can we have a list of rehab centers in Texas without one that has a farm-like feel to it. The Treehouse facility is situated on over 40 acres of land that utilize the beautiful scenery in outdoor activities well. The facility takes a warm approach to combating addiction of any kind employing methods such as stress management, family therapy, mindfulness therapy, and aftercare services. You will find that they have a wonderful aftercare program that helps patients stay clear of the addiction once they have rid themselves of it.

It doesn’t matter if you have a perfect credit score or not, the facility offers a financing option to patients that they can pay in up to 84 months. They have different payment plans that patients can choose from.

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