The Top 5 Rehab Centers in Colorado

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Rehab in Colorado

Colorado is a state known for its scenery as the home to the southern part of the Rocky Mountains.  But did you know that it is also home to some of the most popular rehab centers in America?

No matter what type of addiction you have, you can find a rehab center in Colorado that will help you recover. The best part is, most of the centers utilize the nature very well with outdoor activities that aid with recovery.

When comparing with other states, you find that addiction may not be as big a problem in Colorado as other more populated states.

According to CDC, a total of 1,750 individuals died from either drug or alcohol intoxication in 2015. Those number may seem small but are still significant when taking the overall population in Colorado into account.

You also find many patients from other states coming to Colorado due to the exceptional facilities they have, which has made them rather popular throughout the US.

Before selecting a rehab center, it is important you do your research. You assess the programs, activities, along with the experience the professionals have at the centers. That may seem like a lot but don’t worry. We have done all that for you. We have selected the top 5 rehab centers in Colorado for you to choose from.

AspenRidge Recovery Center

Location: Lakewood, CO

No matter what type of substance addiction you are recovering from, AspenRidge Recovery Center should be on the top of your list. The center is known for incorporating different types of therapeutic techniques to help fight addiction.

These include spiritual retreats, equine therapy, and other outdoor activities. They also focus on holistic treatment that also improves mental and physical health through treatments that integrate hiking, 12-step meetings, team building, and other activities that give patients a healthier approach to life.

The facility also emphasizes on post-recovery treatments because addiction can reoccur so they provide all types of support to ensure patient’s don’t fall back.

Paying for the rehab center shouldn’t be hard as it accepts most insurance companies policies. They also have a women-only treatment program if as a woman you prefer to be around women only.

Peaks Recovery Centers

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Peaks Recovery Centers has a 6-month extensive treatment program for patient’s that helps them adopt a much healthier lifestyle.

The facility has programs that are gender specific and also specializes in treating co-occurring mental issues that patients tend to face when recovering from addiction. You fill find dieticians and professional counselors with years of experience at the center.

They also have a lot of outdoor therapeutic activities integrated into their recovery programs.

The road to recovery can be costly and Peaks Recover Centers accepts insurance from a list of companies. They also have financing options for those that want to pay on their own especially for the youth.

Post-treatment they have an outpatient program of 3-months, following up with the patient to ensure they stay sober.

Harmony Foundation

Location: Estes Park, CO

Harmony Foundation has an excellent rehab facility especially for those looking to recover from alcohol addiction. They have a one of a kind program that is designed to completely redefine the patient’s nutrition.

It targets the nutritional imbalances in the patient and through balancing a healthier nutritional lifestyle substance addiction is eliminated. To do this, there are numerous different therapy techniques employed in finding the root cause of the addiction. The family of the patient is also called upon to be a part of the recovery process.

The location of the facility is one of the aspects patients fall in love with. It is near the mountain range and nature plays a vital role in the recovery process with many outdoor activities.

If you are covered by insurance then you can easily pay for the rehab center as it accepts most insurance companies.

Jaywalker Lodge

Location: Carbondale, CO

The Jaywalker Lodge has both short and long programs for patients. The programs are designed based on the needs of each individual. Their shorter programs are as short as three weeks long.

The facility has been reputed as one of the top cocaine and marijuana rehabilitation center in Colorado.

They have a 12-step program that incorporates a lot of outdoor activities such as mountain expeditions to develop a more healthy habit in the patient’s lifestyle. This helps them with sobriety in the long term.

They also have a 90-day outpatient program that helps keep the patient from falling back into addiction.

Denver Recovery Center

Location: Denver, CO

The Denver Recovery Center specializes in recovery from all types of substance addiction. The rehab center designs a tailor-made plan for each individual that focus on life skills to help patients adopt a healthier lifestyle.

The programs focus heavily on nutrition and teach the patient’s the positive impact eating healthy can have on their lives and in their fight against addiction.

This rehab center also emphasizes on outpatient treatment treating patients for mental illnesses post-treatment, so they don’t relapse.

Not sure how you are going to pay for the rehab center. You can call Denver Recovery Center and speak to their consultants. They do accept for partial insurance or full insurance coverage.

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