3 Things to Know About Adderall Addiction Treatment

Adderall addiction treatment

Why Adderall Addiction Treatment is Important

Adderall addiction treatment is something more people may need than they even realize. Adderall is a drug that has its place and its uses. For those who have ADHD, Adderall can be a miracle-working drug.

However, for those with ADHD or without, Adderall is a drug. This means it carries its side effects, one of which is its potential to be addictive. The dangers of becoming addicted to Adderall stem from overdose risk and the crippling, and even deadly effects of withdrawal.

Adderall Abuse Risk

As with any drug, there is a plethora of risk and situations you will have to face after becoming addicted to or abusing Adderall. Aside from putting your financial well-being, and possibly the financial well-being of your family in jeopardy, your relationships will begin to falter, your career may suffer, and you could potentially become a threat to society. Adderall use often begins fairly innocently, which makes its long-term effects even more startling.

An immediate effect of abusing Adderall is the health risk that it poses. The risk associated with Adderall abuse and addiction can include things like seizures, hypertension, stroke, heart attack, psychosis, and even sudden death.

1. Multiple Forms of Treatment

When exploring Adderall addiction treatment, there are some important things to know.

Addiction treatment for Adderall will consist of various methods. The two biggest components of the treatment are the medical detox, and the therapy.

The purpose of these two paired together is to combat the physical distress that comes with withdrawal from the drug and to increase the chances of there being a complete recovery.

However, these are not the only two parts of addiction treatment as one single form of treatment may not be correct for everyone.

Instead, Adderall addiction treatment can include things such as inpatient treatment which is a very hands-on form of treatment that puts the addict in 24-hour care in a facility with medical staff and the like to aid the patient in getting better.

More on Inpatient Treatment

For those individuals who have been severely addicted to heavy doses of Adderall for a long period of time, inpatient treatment is usually mandatory.

Inpatient treatments give you 24-hour care and restrict your ability to have a relapse as you no longer have any means of gaining access to the drug. Both psychiatric and physiological help is available at inpatient facilities.

This can help a person by putting them into a position where they no longer have to worry about their everyday responsibilities and stresses of life and focus on bettering themselves.

However, inpatient treatment is not for everyone for a number of reasons, one such being that outpatient treatment, for example, is less expensive.

2. Medication-Assisted Treatment

Another facet of addiction treatment for Adderall is medication-assisted treatment.  Medication-assisted treatment is the use of certain specific medications in addition to psychotherapy to help one recover from addiction and alleviate symptoms of withdrawal.

Adderall addiction treatment
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The way this works is using the medications to help lessen the physiological effects of withdrawal so that it’s easier for one to focus on their respective therapies. The therapy types differ and include things like cognitive behavioral therapy and trauma-informed therapy.

3. What Happens After Adderall Addiction Treatment?

One of the less popular topics to discuss about Adderal addiction treatment is post-treatment or after treatment. Part of the reason why relapse occurs at such a high percentage is that patients fail to lay out an after-treatment plan.

A proper aftercare plan can include things such as proper medication management for those who suffer from ADHD, random drug testing, and continuing to attend therapy.

Going further than just abstaining from drug usage an aftercare plan can be used to help include the overall quality of life such as life and job skills, a healthy diet, and regular physical activity.

Knowing When You Need Adderall Addiction Treatment

The symptoms of abusing of Adderall aren’t always obvious to the abuser, and they may not even be obvious to the people who are around. Symptoms can include a wide variety of things that may be hard to piece together as Adderall abuse.

Symptoms include being overly talkative, loss of appetite, excessive weight loss, sleeping for long periods of time, and overworking or spending many hours working on a project.

Throughout an abusive period as things begin to worsen the side effects of abuse can include more severe symptoms such as paranoia, insomnia, depression, anxiety, and even seizures.

adderall addiction treatment
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For some, Adderall is a necessary drug that allows them to function more regularly, and for those who take the medication properly as prescribed, it will continue to do just that.

For others, Adderall is a type of mental steroid that can start off as an “edge against the competition” and quickly end up being a fierce dragon that might seem impossible to slay. For those individuals, it’s important to know that the dragon is not impossible to slay and there is treatment and help available to those who are addicted, so learn more about Adderall addiction treatment.

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