addictions effects on the brain, addiction as a disease, addiction is a disease

Effects of Addiction on the Brain

What Are the Effects of Addiction on the Brain? The disease of addiction is complex and hard to overcome. More people die prematurely from drug addiction than any other cause…

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prescription drugs, opioids, benzodiazepines, prescription drug addiction

Prescription Drug Addiction: What Are the Causes?

The Facts About Prescription Drug Addiction When thinking of people addicted to drugs, most assume that they are addicted to illegal street drugs. However, this is increasingly becoming untrue. Instead,…

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co-occurring disorders, anxiety, anxiety disorders

What Is Anxiety: Signs, Symptoms and Treatment

What Is Anxiety? What is anxiety? This is a common question, but anxiety remains fairly misunderstood among mental health disorders. Anxiety is a nearly universal human experience that becomes so…

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addiction, symptoms of addiction, what is addiction, diagnosing addiction

What Are the Criteria Used to Diagnose Addiction?

How Is Addiction Diagnosed? Addiction is such a personal condition, and it’s something that affects many people, both directly and indirectly. Because of personal associations with addiction and its effects,…

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what is addiction, addiction as a disease, signs of addiction, symptoms of addiction

What is Addiction: Signs and Symptoms

A Guide to Answering “What Is Addiction” What is addiction? What does it truly mean in terms of being a diagnosable and treatable disease? Many have heard of addiction, but…

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substance abuse vs. addiction, addiction, signs of addiction, substance abuse

Substance Abuse vs. Addiction

How Do You Compare Substance Abuse vs. Addiction? A common question people have is how do substance abuse vs. addiction compare to one another, and what are the differences. As…

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CNS depressant, opioid, prescription drugs, central nervous system depressant, prescription drug abuse

What Are Central Nervous System Depressants?

An Overview of Central Nervous System Depressants Central nervous system depressants are a group of prescription medications that when taken reduce brain stimulation and create feelings of relaxation. Depressants may…

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anxiety and prescription medication, prescription drugs used to treat anxiety, how to treat anxiety

An Overview of Anxiety and Prescription Medication

Anxiety and Prescription Medication Anxiety is a quite normal response by humans to certain situations that may be stressful or dangerous. It often increases the level of caution and awareness…

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driving and prescription drugs, driving under the influence, prescription drugs and driving

Prescription Drugs and Driving

What To Know About Using Prescription Drugs and Driving The use and misuse of prescription medication can pose a serious problem with driving. Similar to driving under the influence of…

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mixing alcohol and drugs, alcohol use, alcohol abuse, alcohol and opioids

Mixing Prescription Drugs and Alcohol

What To Know About Combining Prescription Drugs and Alcohol The number of people worldwide who use different forms of prescription, non-prescription and herbal remedies to treat various forms of pain…

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