addictions effects on the brain, addiction as a disease, addiction is a disease

Effects of Addiction on the Brain

What Are the Effects of Addiction on the Brain? The disease of addiction is complex and hard to overcome. More people die prematurely from drug addiction than any other cause…

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addiction, symptoms of addiction, what is addiction, diagnosing addiction

What Are the Criteria Used to Diagnose Addiction?

How Is Addiction Diagnosed? Addiction is such a personal condition, and it’s something that affects many people, both directly and indirectly. Because of personal associations with addiction and its effects,…

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what is addiction, addiction as a disease, signs of addiction, symptoms of addiction

What is Addiction: Signs and Symptoms

A Guide to Answering “What Is Addiction” What is addiction? What does it truly mean in terms of being a diagnosable and treatable disease? Many have heard of addiction, but…

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substance abuse vs. addiction, addiction, signs of addiction, substance abuse

Substance Abuse vs. Addiction

How Do You Compare Substance Abuse vs. Addiction? A common question people have is how do substance abuse vs. addiction compare to one another, and what are the differences. As…

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